Preparing for home inspections (things to know)


As a realtor, we recommend home inspections to buyers on any property being purchased that’s not brand new. That being said, it’s ultimately the buyers decision on whether to proceed with one or not. Things to know:

  • Choose wisely. Some home inspectors are more thorough than others. Make sure to find a registered home inspector who uses a thermal camera to detect for moisture behind walls, in attic, etc.. Your realtor should have good recommendations.
  • Cost? On an average residential property, home inspections should be somewhere in the range of $400-500 (which is a buyers expense). Condo’s are normally less and commercial buildings are going to be more.
  • Home inspectors aren’t liable. A home inspector will bring up all deficiencies found, but ultimately, you as the buyer will sign off stating that the home inspector isn’t liable if any defects are found after the fact. Although inspections give you piece of mind, it’s possible that certain things can be missed.
  • Don’t be overwhelmed. Upon meeting the home inspector for a final summary of the inspection, be prepared for many ‘deficiencies’ to be brought up. No house is perfect… even if it’s a brand new home that undergoes an inspection, the inspector will most likely bring up a handful of ‘insufficiencies’. This is normal and just because it’s been brought up, doesn’t mean it’s major. You should feel educated after it’s complete.

I hope some of these point’s have been valuable to you, thanks for reading!


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